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 Can someone here help me

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Can someone here help me Empty
PostSubject: Can someone here help me   Can someone here help me Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2009 12:31 am

Because i've already asked this to like a billion people already with no luck i'm going to be short:

I am working on a re-creation of Wolfenstein 3D which will features tons of improvements including hi-res walls and sprites. I've already have all the sprites from the Macintosh port of Wolfenstein 3D but need hi-res versions of the sprites that weren't included in the Mac port (some scenery objects, Hitler Ghost, Otto Giftmacher, Gretel Groose, General Fettgesicht, Barnacle Willhelm, Angel of Death, etc.). I know hi-res versions of these have been done for various mods for the Mac port but i can't get them.

Is there someone here who can help me or know someone who can.
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Can someone here help me
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